Sweet Chilli Deluxe Packs 'Cow', 'Princess' and 'Colors" in Second Life Marketplace -15% off!

The successful "Sweet Chilli" design by nOd Stores is now available in three packs on the Second Life Marketplace. But that's not all! We are extending the 15% discount offer for one more week until March 13th!

Now is the time to get these three fabulous packs, as from version 4, you can mix any HUD with any part of the dress. You can mix textures of a complete pack with a single texture design. It's important to remember that this design has 5 different textureable parts that are now fully interchangeable, allowing you to create unique designs with your own style.

If you have purchased a pack before, we recommend that you check your version and update to version 4 if you haven't already. Updating is simple. If you bought it on Second Life Marketplace, go to https://marketplace.secondlife.com/orders , log in, find your order, and click on "redelivery". If you bought it in-world, just go to our main store and click on one of our redelivery terminals.

If you haven't seen them yet, these are the new Sweet Chilli Deluxe Packs that we have put up for sale on the marketplace:

In addition, we have added the following single texture designs: