21st Second Life Birthday

June 23rd will be a milestone day as Second Life turns 21. The 21st annual Second Life birthday celebration, known as SL21B, will kick off on June 21st and run through July 21st. Brace yourselves for an entire month packed with excitement, featuring live music, captivating performances, fantastic shopping opportunities, and awe-inspiring community exhibits.

This year’s birthday theme is "Elements." This theme beckons us to delve into the fundamental building blocks that shape our expansive virtual world and the myriad communities thriving within it. From the blazing creativity of our artists and creators to the fluidity of our social landscapes, from the sturdy bonds uniting our communities to the refreshing winds of innovation propelling us forward, "Elements" celebrates the core forces that mold our experiences in Second Life.

Current Applications for SL21B:

Volunteer Application (https://second.life/SL21BVolunteerApp) - Applications close on May 12th, 2024.

Exhibitors Application (https://second.life/SL21BExhibitorsApp) - Applications close on May 12th, 2024.

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