Second Life Mobile news and PBR materials.

Linden Lab continues to work on its new mobile viewer, which is expected to be available to all residents starting from the year 2024. In the latest news we've received, they inform us that the movements have been improved and are now much smoother. Many users wonder if it will be available for Android and iOS.

They advise us to be prepared for a private beta that will be released soon. We'll love to see our spicy designs wherever we go!

In the same news group on September 27, 2023, they also inform us that the creation of the new viewer with support for higher quality materials (Physically Based Rendering: PBR) and the ability to import materials and edit them in GLTF format is moving forward. 

Currently, with Release Candidate Version, you can already try it out on the Main Grid (Agni), but only in these regions:

- Rumpus Room

- Rumpus Room 2

Rumpus Room 3

Rumpus Room 4

Rumpus Room 5

- Preflight0 through 8 (Limited access).

Some of the other improvements in the viewer that many of us have already tried include: inventory item preview single folder view or an emoji viewer.

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