A girl took the first picture from the new CEO of Linde Labs.

Melanie Kidd took what is likely to be the paparazzi photo of the year - a candid shot of the new emperor/CEO of Linden Lab M Linden (Mark Kingdon) demonstrating his nearly total mastery of e-marketing with the new media.
She said in her blog:
"While I was working at Laqroki yesterday, I happened across a newbie Linden. A quick look at his profile revealed that he was freshly rezzed (it was devoid of any other info at the time) so I IM’d him in the hopes that he’d eventually “wake up” and I could help him pick out some new goodies for his avi. After all, it’s not everyday that you get to give a Linden a makeover, right? ^_^

I stood around him for a bit but he never did leave Away status, so I figured I’d take a humorous little pic — the one you see above — and give it the smartass title, “Asleep On The Job”.

Well, guess what! I found out today he’s the new CEO of Linden Lab, lmaoooo… I am going to have to send this pic to him. <3>"

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