About "Bake On Mesh" (BOM)

I have been testing for first time the new feature called BAKE ON MESH (BOM) and these are my first impressions as creator:

- I'm not going to talk about skins because we are focused on clothes, but BOM also affects to skins.

- Trying to summarize in a few words, this new feature (BOM) makes your mesh body work with the old Second Life clothing system.

- Now we are testing our old designs with this new system and lot of them looks really good with Maitreya mesh body as you can see in the pictures.

- We are testing our old designs and will update as soon as possible all the information about BOM compatibility.

- We are working in a little video to show how to use  BOM system with your mesh avatar.


- Latest Second Life viewer is strongly needed. I'm using Firestorm 6.3.2 (58052).
- If you have Maitreya mesh body you will need to apply the Maitreya BOM Relay. Free to buy here. Once you apply you don't need to use it anymore.


- Don't worry, you can back anytime you need to the previous mesh applier system, you only need to use an applier for your mesh body (skin applier for example).


- If you are using a Mesh Head you will need a BOM Relay system activator for your head.

- Catwa BOM Relay System free to buy at Catwa Main Store (http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Catwa%20Clip/144/114/24) only you need to join the Catwa Group for free.