Supreme Collar Update V.2

We are happy to share this great update to one of our most acclaimed and sought-after products. This update was necessary to improve the user experience based on ease of use and to add new features.

We remind you that in the previous version we had several versions of the same collar: with sound, without sound, with sound+rlv, without sound+rlv. In this update, thanks to the improvement of the HUD, we have reduced the number of versions to two. This was achieved by applying sound activation/deactivation control from the collar's HUD, so you won't have to switch between the sound or no sound version.

On the other hand, we have also applied glossiness control to both the leather and metallic parts, adding up to 10 different glossiness levels.

Additionally, we have updated the Open Collar scripts to version 8.2.3000.

These modifications have been made to both the basic and full pack versions of the collar.

Updated features:

- Sound On / Off button. You will not need to wear sound or no sound veesion. Everything is in one.

- Bell sound volume control: 4 different levels.

- Glossiness control for leather textures: collar and strap. 10 Levels.

- Glossiness control for metal textures: buckle and bell. 10 Levels.

In the next few days, we will be sending out mass deliveries to customers who have already purchased their collar, both the basic and full pack versions. So please keep this in mind when entering Second Life or if you receive a new in-world package, don't reject it as it could be your new update.

However, if you did not receive it or lost it, don't worry. You can come to our main store ( and do a redelivery clicking in the redelivery terminal or if you purchased it on the marketplace, click on this link ( and claim your new version.

We hope that you will enjoy this update and that you will enjoy your collar even more.

Supreme Collar at Second Life Marketplace.