Cage Piercings - Special launch offer!


Introducing our latest release of intimate jewelry, 'Cage Piercings,' available for Maitreya, Maitreya Petite, Ebody Reborn, Inithium Kupra, and Inithium Kupra Kups mesh bodies.

Feel the soft touch of cold steel on your skin with these new beautiful nipple piercings. They are like small cages that, while surrounding your nipples, stretch them slightly to give you sensations of power at times and at other times of being dominated.

You can wear them whether you're going to the beach, a sexy club, or a private party where anything can happen, and you're perfectly prepared for it.

This is one of our initial releases in body jewelry items, and we want you to enjoy it at the best launch price.

Of course, we recommend that you acquire the demo version before purchasing them so you can see how beautiful they look on your body. 

You can purchase separately in the following metals: Gold, Rose Gold, Copper, and Metallic Pink. And if you prefer (which we recommend), you can get the complete Fat Pack with 22 textures, including the ones we've mentioned as well as textures in various colors, with cow spots in black or pink, Bronze Armor metal, Copper damaged or Oxide metal.

Take advantage of this launch offer available for a limited time only from August 21st to September 5th at the 'Beauty Event.' Don't wait and try out your piercings now!

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